Striding between good intentions and terrible results. Alkor was the once famed potion master of the Turan tribe.


Alkor was, and still is, a respected and famous member of the Turan tribe. His fame and respect accumulated through countless innovations and improvements in the quality of life for his people. It was said that even the spirits of the island that he lived on reveled in his ability to create. These same spirits gifted him with supernatural insights that he put to use in his myriad of creations.

Alkor was one of the village elders who faced down the island’s green tyrant. A greedy dragon that demanded tribute for its mere existence on the southern shores. Together, with Village Chief Toroth, Edvin the Turan druid, and a slew of other tribesman, the beast was slain.

Alkor has since perished at the hands of those who he now sees as his tribe’s best hope for survival. (See adventure log for full details)

Quotes “I didn’t have a choice when I took that bargain! There weren’t any heroes in this world to rely on… I couldn’t have known you would show up! I needed to do what was best for my people! But now, you can protect them!”


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