An esteemed druid elder of the Turan tribe. Edvin leaves his island home in search of who he really is and what he may become.


Edvin’s past is something of a mystery, even to himself. He remembers little if any of his youth with his own clan. All that remains… are the briefest glimpses:

a dwarf sign stands proudly among aging ruins, a ringing hammer, a horn.


Past these memories lies the life Edvin knows and has come to cherish. Edvin is a renowned and respected elder of the Turan tribe. His mastery over the forms of swirling nature are the talk of many local legends. Together, with his companions Toroth, Alkor, and the other current Turan elders he brought down the island’s green tyrant. Truly, a life worth living.

But no one can fight off the curiosity for too long. Edvin has declared his intentions to his close friend Toroth. He shall leave the tribe with those who recently stopped Alkor’s voodoo zombie incident. This is perhaps his last chance, one last adventure. Edvin seeks to find out what has happened to his forgotten clan. Even more importantly, Edvin is searching for answers to his recent… change of appearance.

Quotes “Believe me, the short route is clearly the best choice!”


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