The spirit touched as he is now called, Jowan is a young boy of the Turan tribe personally saved by his people's deity.


Jowan was and still is a youthful and resilient member of the Turan tribe. He lived with his parents and extended family in the peaceful years following the death of the island’s “tyrant dragon”. But these peaceful years of his early childhood did not last long, especially with the onset of the voodoo zombies incident. A small group of shamans led by the famous and well respected village elder, Alkor, began to experiment on the Tribe’s people. The result was the brainwashing of hundreds of villagers.

Jowan and his father were both victims of this necromantic magic. Sadly, this corruption led to his father’s death at the hand of the Island’s soon to be heroes. Jowan was lucky enough to survive the encounter. Simply being freed of the brainwashing was not enough though, the poisons used to control Jowan, his father, and so many villagers were highly toxic. Death would be only days away.

Amazingly, for Jowan, Death’s visit would be deterred. The island spirit that his tribe venerated saw to the healing of the young boy before the toxins could take their toll and claim his life.

Needless to say, this personal connection with the forest spirit played a pivotal role in the final confrontation of the voodoo zombie incident. Jowan was one of the two tribesmen present to hear Alkor’s dying words.

Currently Jowan proudly walks among his people as one of the few to have been personally touched by the island spirit, Withervine. The markings of a flower beggining to grow adorn his forehead and many islanders claim these are omens of future Shamanistic might.


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