Thardus Kayton [death by combat]

A soul born from the earth itself. Thardus seeks adventure as a path to understanding.


Thardus never lost control, never panicked, and he almost never failed. He wasn’t allowed the time to dwell on such distractions.

From the earliest years of his life, Thardus has been tutored by two of the most controversial combatants Cordiah has ever known. His first master was a female wizard who pioneered the use of the mage blade. A human female who goes by the name Seri Silverfire. Thardus’s second master was a male Earthsoul Genasi. Curiously, he only went by his first name, Xenakis. Xenakis’s area of expertise was using the earth itself as his weapon, the signs of a truly accomplished earth seer.

But why are these two masters “controversial” figures? Seri Silverfire has been for the past 10 years dealing with some extremely unsettling rumors. Most of which seem to accuse her of “deals with dangerous entities”. The other master, Xenakis, has repeatedly halted the expansion of a trade city far north of the trade streams. His rigorous and sometimes violent approach to expanding civilization has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many.

Suffice to say, when they had first encountered Thardus they saw an interesting potential in him. A disciple who could have all the senses and sort out all the sources. Who wouldn’t want to train such a student? (in progress)

Thardus Kayton [death by combat]

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