The Drow...

His face is covered in strange markings. He speaks with an unknown accent. He's very threatening.


The Drow is one of the yet to be named Dark Four. He doesn’t seem to think the current group of… opposition is anything special.

On the Turan tribe’s island he has repeatedly told our heroes that they aren’t getting off the island. Although, he didn’t seem to follow through on his promise as they set sail and left.

The Drow fought Thardus in one on one combat. The result was the loss of one of his eyes. To make this attack Thardus gave his life in the exchange of blows. The sheer primal power running through Thardus also happened to banish the Drow back to his home plane.

He is a problem that could resurface at any moment but for now he is gone.

Quotes “I haven’t fought like this in a hundred years!”

The Drow...

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