The Turan Village Chief, Toroth is the pinnacle of his tribe's might. A living Dragonslayer.


Like many young Turan tribe members of his time, Toroth was forced to serve the whims of a vicious green dragon. This green dragon that had taken roost on the south shore of the island routinely asked for tribute from Toroth’s tribe. Usually this tribute consisted of food, but, on the rare occasion human sacrifice as well. Very harsh conditions for one to grow up in. However, for Toroth the dominance of this creature over his tribe gave him the chance to reach for greatness.

At the age of 23, Toroth and many others of his tribe took the fight to the dragon’s home. After a gruesome battle Toroth stood above his comrades with the head of the beast in his hands. Toroth’s fullblade was covered in acidic etchings from cutting through the dragon’s neck. This same blade now sits proudly outside the communal tribal hall. A wooden statue in his likeness firmly grasps the acid-etched blade.

Toroth is currently administering to the day to day needs of the Turan tribe.


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