Harmony of Cordiah

Bloody Sea
Why is that ship so big?

The sea was calm. The ship our heroes were on sailed smoothly through the trade current towards Gratel Port.

What corruption brings.
Our heroes encounter the avatar of the island, Withervine.

Wisely the group decided to stay at the camp for the night and then head to the child’s tribe tomorrow for help. There was no telling what horrors may lurk on the island during the night. There was no point in risking the danger, especially with a civilian in tow.

But our group was not allowed to just sleep, not on foreman Jack’s watch. They were being paid as protectors and Jack was going to get his money’s worth. The group was given the midnight shift and afterward they could rest until there travel at dawn. Although tired the group performed as asked. The night watch began.

It happened exactly as midnight approached. The pair of deep blue eyes that Sammael had seen before appeared again. Then another set of them appeared. Then more after that. Each member of the party was confronted with a glowing blue visage that floated at most an arms length away from them.

Thardus Kayton, EarthSoul Genasi, stared back. Thardus had heard of this phenomenon before. It wasn’t common but he knew what these eyes were supposed to be. They were supposed to be a window for the primal spirits to view the world. Much like a shaman sees the primal world a primal spirit can see the material world through these bright green windows. But something was wrong. Why were they blue? Odder still, he had a feeling something was terribly wrong.

Meanwhile Kriv, disturbed by the eyes, went to check on the local cleric and the village child. However, before Kriv could enter the building he would bare witness to something incredible. The pair of eyes that had been watching him grew brighter. As if a warning call had been fired, all at once the other windows into the natural world dissipated.

Before Kriv stood a being unlike and also alike the witherlings he had fought before. It’s form was that of flexible and lengthy forest spirit. Its was body covered in an equilibirum of vines from growth to death. Yet the biggest difference was not the vines, this creature’s countenance was illuminated by the hauntingly powerful eyes of a primal spirit.

To Kriv it was as if a great peacefulness was forcibly shunted onto him. The calmness of the situation belied its strangeness. The creature seemed to exude an aura that was peaceful and at the same time incredibly relaxing. That was not all that Kriv noticed, further beneath this feeling of calm something else brooded, something maddening.

A Troubled Island
A heroes welcome to Cordiah, watch out for the frogs.

They were the best, the strongest, the toughest. Yet here they were, hired as bodyguards for an inn on an island known for it’s hospitality. Strange indeed.

  • Thardus Kayton, a magi of the blade and a warrior of the earth.
  • Kriv, a stalwart believer in the salvation that only Bahamut can bring.
  • Brand, a warlock of renown, known for his ability to solve problems… no matter the cost.
  • Lastly the Divine Assassin of Bahamut, Sammael. May the Platinum Dragon’s enemies forever fear him.

Our heroes arrived by ship, taking the well known Trade Currents to their destination, the Turan Tribe’s island. They had been hired specifically to take care of a few odd occurrences on the island. Interestingly, they were not told many specifics of the island’s situation. As far as our heroes knew, some strange “problems” had set back the building of a new tavern on the island.

The employer of our heroes was a large conglomeration of Inn companies. The conglomeration had seemed to send them out just as fast as they had hired them. The group was hastily given a ship to reach their destination and on the very next day they set sail. The group was told to meet up with a guide at the docks, this guide would then lead them to the tavern site.

All in all, things seemed easy enough. The group met up with their guide as they landed on the island as they were supposed to. However, their guide seemed to be a bit more… unusual than they had thought. He was definitely not a member of the Inn Conglomeration. He also had quite a few tribal markings on him as well. But after some quick introductions and explanations the group’s guide who they now referred to as “Edvin” led them out of the docks.

Edvin led the group through a path that was relatively well traveled. There was a soft dirt trail that emphasized it’s importance over the surrounding forests and plants, it had definitely seen use before. About twenty minutes or so into the trek, not that far from the boat still, the group encountered something… alarming. At first it was only the smell but as the group observed their surroundings they ended up finding the cause. A strangely corpulent and large frog just past the brush of the dirt path was basking in the sun. The creature seemed almost dead to it’s surrounding but as the group approached it the frog became to move. At them. It’s bloatedness belied it’s almost supernatural movement speed as it charged almost absentmindedly at the group. Sadly for the frog its charge would be short lived. Reflexively in little more than a second, Thardus’s mage blade was at the creatures throat. ...

It took a while to wash off the frog guts. It had seemed dangerous at the time but turned out to be harmless when it popped like a balloon. What should have been compliments on Thardus’s skill with the blade turned into a comedic jest at his amazing ability to cover the group in frog parts.


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