Ragan Fruit

The Ragan fruit is formed from multiple intertwining strands of sweet fruit that mimics the appearance of intertwining muscles.

Found only on the Raga island the Ragan fruit endows supernatural strength if eaten. When eaten in combat the Ragan fruit gives a static +5 to athletics for feats of great heroism or superhuman strength.

It’s worth noting that while in combat the Ragan fruit will only increase the athletics checks of truly courageous actions. Checks to climb walls and swim in water receive no bonus. Checks to bull rush your foe off a cliff will recieve the full bonus. Other examples include athletics checks for leaps of faith, athletics checks to climb the scales of a dragon, athletics checks to prop up an enormous slab of wall from hitting your comrades, etc.

Out of combat the Ragan fruit makes one supremely confident for battle. Its consumption provides a great moral boost but with no other effects.

The Ragan fruit is said to be the lifeblood of a great barbarian god who is still worshiped on Raga Island to this day.

Ragan Fruit

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